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Vivim en aquest món

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Quina joia recuperar un títol tan mític... I és que la ocasió se la mereixía. Repeat after me:


As a little kid, I was always searching for an apparition. I would kneel in front of the altar and stare into icons hoping that they would come alive. I'd see small glimpses every now and then, like a formation in the clouds, or inexplicable formations of a crucifix in inanimate objects, but nothing like this.

This XBOX 360 package has an Image of a man in the resemblance of Jesus on the back of the packaging. I did not alter the package in any way. This is a natural occurance of something beyond my understanding. The appearance of this image is comprised of a manipulation of the plastic, enclosing the package... I tried to rub it off, but I cannot. I am not auctioning the Image, but if you do happen to buy this XBOX 360, the image will inevitably be included, for it is part of the packaging. I can guarantee in writing, that I did not attempt to fabricate this occurance in any way. The image is open for interpretation. You decide.

The image is a stain or scarring on the thick factory plastic encasing the Xbox 360 Bundle... therefore if the contents are removed, the image will still be intact. Due to the composition of the image, it is very difficult to photograph. I tried my absolute best to capture the image, but in actuality the image is more apparent and has even more depth to it. I took the image at a higher contrast setting so that the actual features are more apparent on your computer screen.

Sense paraules amics... Val més la pena anar al gra:

El pajaro tenia una subhasta oberta a Ebay fins fa quatre dies, pero encara esteu a temps de compartir amb ell aquesta troballa a http://www.myspace.com/jesus360

Recordeu, aquesta gent respira el mateix oxigen que nosaltres...

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Pansete dijo...

O potser vivim a hores d'ara en un altre món. Un món d'espiritualitat avançada, un món on Mahoma i Shiva se'n van de farra a trobar la seva intel·ligència emocional mentre es pregunten quién se ha llevado su queso.

Sí, amics. Christ as himself on XBOX 360. Quasi res. Què dirà Matzinger-Z? Serà invertida la profecia que deia que Bill Gates era l'Anticrist donat que fa marketing subliminal pel Puto Amo? I a tot això, s'enrotllarà Crist i farà que les hipoteuqes baixin de preu?

All you always wanted to know about this world and were afraid to ask a "Endogamia Virtual": on si no?.

Dottore Sandro dijo...

Hombres de poca fe,

sé de sobras que os gusta hacer chanza, mofa y befa de los píos sentimientos y la fe que algunos -la mayoría yankis- profesan. Sin embargo, debéis saber que cualquier día, la iluminación os puede llegar en forma de restos de yogur es la tapicería del sofá o de frenazo en el fondo de la taza del inodoro. Y si no lo creéis, leed http://members.tripod.com/~estigia/domesticas.html y ya me contaréis.

blog000111 dijo...

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